K-I-S-S and Tell

In my new book – At Home by Steve Poses – A Caterer’s Guide to Cook & Entertaining – we use the acronym K-I-S-S. Our’s is a variation on the familiar Keep-It-Simple Stupid. My wife, Christina expresses it in a more loving way – Keep It Simple Sweetheart. In fact, many  of the 400 plus recipes in our book carry the K-I-S-S symbol. Here it is:


The image is by Pascal Lemaitre, a friend and illustrator, who has provided the more than 200 illustrations in our book. The kissing dog is my black lab Izzy – who is prominently featured in the book.

I will always try to apply the Keep-It-Simple-Sweetheart principle to this blog as I have to the book.  The book and companion website – At Home Online – can be previewed at athomebysteveposes.com.

Now comes the tell part. Please tell your freinds and family about this blog, website and book.

Thank You.

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