Jane and Seth

As an aspiring architecture student at the University of Pennsylvania in 1964, I was heavily influenced by Jane Jacobs’ Death and Life of Great American Cities. Jacobs is about building communities. In her classic book, Jacobs’ referenced the role of the neighborhood candy store as a place where strangers became neighbors. I count it as one of the key things that lead this child of the Sixties to open a neighborhood restaurant called Frog in 1973.

I believed in the power of community and thought a restaurant could do what a candy store could do – just with better food.

Using good food to build community are what my At Home project is about. At Home – my new book – At Home by Steve Poses – A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining and At Home Online, its companion website – is devoted to inspiring people to entertain at home more and helping them to make it better, easier…and more fun. In so doing people strengthen their personal community.

Community is where Seth comes in.

Seth is the new Jane. Seth is also about building communities.

I was introduced to Seth Godin – no, not literally – by Taylor Margis-Noguera, marketing guru at Special Ops Media.  SOM was helping develop the look and feel of our new website.

Seth is the godfather of internet “permission marketing.”  Permission marketing is when people give you permission to communicate with them via the internet. Essentially people “opt in” and become a part of your community.

In reading a handful of Godin’s smart and entertaining books I came to see how what I was doing could become a virtual version of my little storefront restaurant and the community it developed.

Inviting people to opt in is the equivalent of putting the “Open for Business” sign on the front window of my restaurant. So, we’re open for business and with this and other posts, we invite you and your friends and family to opt in as we build a new community of home entertainers…

…with the help of Jane and Seth.

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  1. Susan Afriat

    Count me in – looking forward to it!

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