The Value of Soups

My new book, At Home by Steve Poses – A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining – is loaded with tips that can found on side margin notes. The tips cover a wide range of areas including Ingredients, Technique, Entertaining, Bookshelf, Styling & Design. Here’s an example of a tip from Section 2 – Getting the Meal Started – Chapter 4 – Soups:

The Value of Soups

Soup wins the MVP Award of do-ahead entertaining. Hot or cold, soup can be prepared days or even weeks ahead and frozen. It’s hard to beat a vegetable puree topped with a dollop of crème fraîche and caviar as the beginning to an elegant dinner, or a thick brew with beans and chunks of sausage served with good crusty bread as a hearty lunch or winter’s dinner. Overripe and bargain-priced farm stand tomatoes gussied-up with grilled shrimp or scallops make for a memorable summer’s gazpacho on Page 124.  No matter the season or occasion there’s a broth-based dish to serve, and it will make your life easier.


This is Izzy. I’ll tell you more about Izzy soon.

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2 responses to “The Value of Soups

  1. Elissa Sunshine

    Steve, this is great. Looking forward to At Home…

    Best of luck.

    Elissa S

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