The Misunderstood Little Tomato

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it should be mistreated.

This time of year farm stands are brimming with little tomatoes in assorted shapes, sizes and colors. Dressed in a bowl with a little garlic, red onion, olive oil, a touch of vinegar and good salt and fresh ground pepper, they are a highlight of summer.

Just as with their jumbo brothers and sisters, these little guys should be cut to be best enjoyed. It doesn’t matter that a little tomato is small enough to be gobbled whole. Cutting little tomatoes in half in a salad enables them to absorb more flavor from the dressing, easier to fork, much more pleasant in the mouth than having to bite through the skin of all but the tiniest tomato. So, take a few extra minutes and cut little tomatoes in half for your salad. Worth the little extra effort.


Little tomatoes cut in half patiently awaiting dressing

One other quick tip: About a half hour before dressing your tomatoes, sprinkle them with a little salt and toss. The “brining” will pull out some of the tomato’s water and in so doing, concentrate the flavor of the tomato. Make sure to drain away the rendered water before dressing. The, take care when adding salt to salad as the tomatoes have been pre-salted.

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  1. I’ve been telling everyone for about half a year that little tomatoes are better cut. One day I decided I didn’t like the way they burst in my mouth and required a vigorous chomp to get them to do that. Now I feel like a genius! Thanks, Steve. Oh, yeah, the tip about salt…That one I didn’t know, but it’s going to get used around here.
    Congratulations on this blog!!!! libby

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