Guests and Grill Courtesy

(This is one of hundreds of tips in the margins of At Home by Steve Poses.)

Even for an experienced grill cook, grilling takes a considerable amount of concentration–especially when working with intensely hot coals. Somehow, guests view the grill cook as lonely, idle and in need of a good chat. Wrong. Guests are strongly advised to ignore the grill cook and let him or her concentrate on the task at hand. Continue socializing elsewhere, or at most, offer to get the grill cook a cold drink. Otherwise, wait patiently for the grill cook and dinner to return to the party.

Picture 1This illustration is by my friend Pascal Lemaitre. You will find more than 200 of his illustrations in At Home by Steve Poses.

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2 responses to “Guests and Grill Courtesy

  1. barb wriston-ruddy

    I love your Commisary (sp?) Cookbook and loved visiting your Phila. restaurants so many years ago..
    I use your carrot cake, Japanese swordfish recipe and so many others.
    I will be so happy to have a “Cookbook Party” with friends to introduce your new publication in Cincinnati.
    PS:love to Elisa; a great person and writer!

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