And the Winning K-I-S-S is…

All the recipes in At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining are designed to be easy — certainly from a technical standpoint. But alas, some do require some considerable chopping.

There are lots that fall under our K-I-S-S category. K-I-S-S is an acronym coined by my sweet wife Christina – a variant on the perhaps more familiar Keep-It-Simple- Stupid. Christina’s K-I-S-S is Keep-It-Simple-Sweetheart.

These recipes are marked by a little icon that was not so simple for us to develop. Maria Demopoulos,  our esteemed Art Director, postponed and postponed figuring this out. It’s not that Maria didn’t have a million details to work out so postponing this was…well, simple.

A previous post reported the winning K-I-S-S to be an image of my beloved dog, Izzy giving a distinctly Izzy kiss. We’ll on second…third…and fourth thought.

ThPicture 1e first K-I-S-S. Truth be told, this is an actual Maria kiss. Lucky whoever gets one of these, but not graphically adequate.

Picture 2Here’s the Izzy kiss. Alas, deemed not adequate from a sanitary perspective.

Picture 3 We can always count on Pascal when it comes to images. Here Pascal tries something different. Sorry Pascal, not this time.

Picture 4The winning K-I-S-S. Maria’s last gasp effort and one we all deem entirely acceptable.

What you read about in one minute took the better part of six weeks to puzzle through. Look for the K-I-S-S symbol throughout the book.

It’s not so simple sweetheart to produce a really excellent book.

Tomorrow: Cold Corn Soup

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