Frog’s Front Window 36 Years Ago

Thirty six years ago I was inside a little storefront at 264 South 16th Street in Philadelphia, with hammer and nail, readying my new little Frog restaurant. The large front window was uncovered, but for the rectangle of brown paper on which I would write notes updating the neighborhood on our slow but steady progress toward opening day.

Picture 2

Today I sit at a keyboard. In just three days a very large data file will be transferred to an unseen printer in Kentucky, arranged by an unseen company in Texas. In parallel, some folks in Pakistan – yes, Pakistan – get ready to transform data from our print-friendly Quark file to data base-friendly comma delineated files for an upcoming “data dump” by our web developer. At the end of September it all comes together. Opening day.

We live in an amazing world. Change is a constant. Exciting. Sometimes unsettling.

But here’s what stays the same. Thirty-six years ago it was my plan to use delicious food to bring people together. It’s exactly the same today. With my  new book, At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining it is my plan to use delicious food to bring people together. Not in my little storefront restaurant, but in your home. I’m still here and I believe I can help.

Picture 3

In order for this all to work, I will also need your help. Before you actually have the book and companion website, the most important thing you can do is spread the word.

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Thank you.


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