Remembering Ted Kennedy

We all mourn the passing of Ted Kennedy – a enduring champion of social justice.

This is a “bottom note” from At Home by Steve Poses that offers a glimpse of Ted Kennedy’s sense of humor.

Ethel Kennedy’s on the Phone

Catering was not yet our public face. Named for our two flagship restaurants, Frog Commissary Catering was a small operation housed in a kitchen adjacent to the bakery on The Commissary’s second floor. Don had moved from Frog host to catering account manager, and we had a designated chef, but catering existed in the shadows of our two landmarks. Our administrative functions were housed in a cramped room in an office building across the street from The Commissary. One morning a coworker announced that Ethel Kennedy was on the phone. More than any figure, her murdered husband was the progenitor of my political values. What was Ethel Kennedy doing calling me? Mrs. Kennedy’s son Joe was marrying a Philadelphian, and she needed a caterer for the rehearsal dinner. This lead to a visit to Hickory Hill, the Kennedy family home in Virginia outside Washington, D.C., to plan the dinner. At the time, Mrs Kennedy was embroiled in a dispute with another caterer. As the rehearsal dinner drew to a close, I listened to Ted Kennedy toast “the caterer” (me) who, he joked, “would be hearing from Ethel’s lawyer in the morning.”

Picture 2

Note: The Corn Cakes recipe planned for today has been postponed until tomorrow.

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  1. Karen Spiro

    What a great story! I know there are more where that came from.

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