Three Pigs

This is not a culinary post. It contains no menus or recipes. It’s a fable about commitment and about the making of an extraordinary book that went to the printer today.

As the fable goes, Chicken and Pig are walking down a road. Chicken turns to Pig and suggests that together they open a restaurant. Pig’s reaction is, “Great.” Pig had always wanted to open a restaurant. Pig asks Chicken, “What should we name it?” Chicken responds, “Ham and Eggs.” After a moment’s reflection, Pig exclaims, “No way I am going to do that.” Surprised, Chicken asks, “Well, why not?” Pig says to Chicken, “Well, while you’d contribute an occasional egg, for me, it would be TOTAL COMMITMENT!”

What began as a dream some six years ago went to the printer today. My guess is you have little idea what is involved in producing a 512 page book designed to inspire you to entertain at home and help you do it more often. I certainly had no idea. This book was not produced with the backing and assistance of a major publishing house with a deep staff of editors and designers. It is self-published. While I drove it forward, it happened because there were three pigs – three amazing people who made a TOTAL COMMITMENT to this project beyond all reason and anything that I had a right to expect.

So, on this evening when we hand off our work to the printers in Kentucky, I offer a blog-toast to Elisa Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief (she was pretty much the only editor and also tested lots of the recipes); Maria Demopoulos, Art Director and friend and I am happy to say after all of this we are still friends; and, Eileen Cubbage, Graphic Designer, who took on much more than she had bargained for. I am proud of these three pigs as I am of what we sent to the printer. I think you will like what we did and find it quite extraordinary.

Picture 1

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