At Home Online — A Global Undertaking

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 10.15.56 PMNow that the book has arrived at the warehouse my focus has shifted to finishing At Home Online. At Home Online is the companion website. When you buy the book you receive a keycode that provides you free access to At Home Online. It is not a “public” website, but limited to book owners. With At Home Online: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining you have digitized access to the contents of At Home by Steve Poses plus a library of additional recipes including lots of classics from the original Frog Commissary Cookbook. (You will be able to print out and or email Commissary Carrot Cake recipe to a friend.) Unlike our printed book, At Home Online will be alive. While I think you will like what we launch with, it will grown and change over time. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a cookbook and website joined and published in this way. So, we are all pioneers.

Developing a cookbook was a very local affair. All of the key members of the team were right here in Philadelphia with lots of face-to-face time.

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 10.11.28 PM

The website has taken a very different route. While the web developers have a contact in Philadelphia, the bulk of the work is done in Colombia. When we were faced with the challenge of converting the book’s PDF files to a data base to be uploaded into the website, folks in Pakistan cut and pasted from the PDF into Excel and added HTML formatting. Purple elastic ribbons that will wrap the book are being custom made for me in China. And, just as we are approaching crunch time on finishing our new At Home Shop, the developer, a Hasid, gets waylaid in Russia on his way back from celebrating the Jewish New Year in Uman — in the Cherkasy region of the Ukraine with Rebbe Moshe of Safad, Israel. We live in an amazing and modern world. All this amazement is being put into the service of helping you create more parties, better, easier!

It is our current plan to begin begin shipping At Home and launch At Home Online next Thursday. Not a guarantee, but our current plan. There is a whole lot to do between now and then. Between now and Tuesday you will continue to be able to order a signed, numbered limited edition of At Home. After Tuesday, these books will never be available again. So this is about a “last call” to place your order and in a little more than a week you can have the fruits (and vegetables) of a pretty remarkable undertaking.

Note: I will be speaking all about At Home — book and companion website — at the Free Library on Thursday, October 15 beginning at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there.

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