A Brief Update

The final chapter of The Good Enough Entertainer: Cooking with Rick Nichols — which you can read in the Philadelphia Inquirer — has been postponed from today, October 15 until next Thursday, October 22. The good news is that the Inquirer wanted more “real estate” for Rick’s article than was available today.

Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 12.02.30 AMWith regard for my Plan to Entertain: Halloween, I have been too consumed with getting ready for tonight’s Free Library event to work on that. I will try to get back to it tomorrow — still enough time to plan well.


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One response to “A Brief Update

  1. Joan Millan

    My husband and I loved the Library presentation last night. I promised to show the new book to my VP next week b/c he is interested in purchasing it. As you pointed out, we share a mission to get people to cook at home for others. I also saw that we share something else. On pg. 69 of the book, I read re: how you taught a Special Ed class how to run a cafe. I was fascinated b/c I have both regular Culinary classes and 1 multiple disabilities Culinary class at NEHS, where I teach. Today was the first day where I had a student intern make tuna fish sandwiches for sale to the faculty for our start up business, TheViking Nosh.

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