Why Don’t You Have a Halloween Party?

Halloween falls on a Saturday about every seven years. (Leap years mess up this exact formula.) And this year is one of those Saturday Halloween years. So this Halloween is an especially good one to plan a little trick and treat at home. If you have been paying attention to this blog at all, you know that what I care about is increasing home entertaining  nationally by 10%. So, if we fail to take advantage of this unique Halloween Saturday at home, we will have lost a critical opportunity toward meeting my goal — that I hope to make our goal — and we’ll have to wait another seven years for such a opportunity to occur again. That would be a shame.

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 11.27.00 PM

Pascal’s Halloween Lemon dressed for a cool evening.

The first question to answer is are you going to invite some friends over? Halloween is an excellent occasion because it lends itself so well to relaxed, informal, easy entertaining. Don’t get overly ambitious. Think modestly and plan boldly. Maybe just a few friends? You have been wanting to have friends over for a long time so go for it! I promise I will guide through a Halloween Party experience that you will be proud of and enjoy, in your own way, almost as much as your guests.

One of my key plan to entertain principles is to be sure you have at least one full weekend prior to when you plan to entertain. That means that we need our plan in place before next weekend so that we can spread out our entertaining tasks without feeling hassled and overwhelmed. So, think about it over the weekend and I’ll check back with you on Monday. Together we can Plan to Entertain for Halloween!

Screen shot 2009-10-16 at 11.57.40 PM

Don’t be scared. It’s just Pascal’s Halloween Ginger.

More Parties. Better. Easier.


P.S. One thing you might do to get a jump on your Halloween planning is to stop thinking about ordering At Home and just go ahead an order it.

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