Top 10 Thanksgiving Host’s* Pitfalls (and how to avoid them!)

Top 10 Thanksgiving Host’s* Pitfalls (and how to avoid them!)

TEN! “Work is busy this month so I guess I’ll just pull the whole thing together at the last minute… and then wish I could go to bed just as my guests arrive.”

NINE! “Uncle Bob’s a diabetic, cousin Lucy’s a celiac and I can never remember which of the kids is a vegetarian this week. There’s no way I can please everyone.”

EIGHT! “After last year’s bone dry turkey debacle, maybe no one will even come this year.”

SEVEN! “I love to host, but with so many guests and all those big platters, my tiny kitchen gets chaotic.”

SIX! “I should work hard to impress my guests, so when I finish plucking the turkey, I’ll make the bread and the butter from scratch.”

FIVE! “Some of my family expects the same dishes, year after year (cue mushroom soup can opening), while others seem to expect the Iron Chef! Maybe this year I’ll serve grouse… with Granny’s stuffing…”

FOUR! “I’m hosting, so I have to do this all on my own and let everyone else relax.”

THREE! “There’s no way around it: cleanup is a nightmare.”

TWO! “Since I’m the cook I’ll be swamped in the kitchen. I’ll see everyone sometime around Christmas!”

ONE! “Thanksgiving already? Just thinking about hungry people showing up at my doorstep fills me with panic and dread.”

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