New Video: Setting Up for Prep + Thanksgiving House Cocktail

Setting Up for Prep – The Video
The time consuming aspect of cooking is not the cooking, but getting everything ready to cook — what in our kitchens we call prep. Prep is more a matter of organization than skill. In this video I show you how to set-up your “prep area” for maximum productivity. The more productive you are, the quicker your prep work will go. At Home is filled with advice on how to turn cooking from a chore to a pleasure. View Video.

Revisit the How to Chop an Onion Video.

Thanksgiving House Cocktail — “Champagne” with Cranberry
Starting off any party with a well-chosen House Cocktail is a excellent way to set a festive tone for your guests. Part 2 of At Home by Steve Poses begins with a section called Welcoming Guests and includes lots of options for you including Four Seasons of Champagne Cocktails. A favorite is Champagne with Cranberry — especially apt for your Thanksgiving. Use a moderate quality sparkling wine like prosecco or cava or moderate priced champagne rather than fine champagne. Also an excellent gift to bring to a Thanksgiving to which you are invited!

Do Ahead Sweetened cranberry juice and optional candied cranberries may be made up to 10 days ahead and refrigerated.

1 1/2 cup simple syrup (See Note)
2 cups cranberries
2 cups water
2 bottles sparkling wine

Making the Sweetened Fresh Cranberry Juice
Combine cranberries and water in saucepan and simmer over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. Remove from heat and cool. Puree in blender or food processor and strain through a fine strainer. Stir in simple syrup. This will make a sweetened fresh cranberry juice.

Combining with Sparkling Wine
Your ratio in the recipe is 2 parts sparkling wine to 1 part sweetened fresh cranberry juice. It is important that sparkling wine and juice be well chilled. Pour sparkling wine into a wide pitcher or large measuring cup. Allow foam to subside. Slowly add a small amount of the sweetened cranberry juice. It will foam again. Let foam subside again and add more continuing until all juice has been added. Immediately pour into champagne or wine glass. It will again foam so go slowly. Serve immediately. If you have extra, keep in refrigerator where it will hold its sparkle for at least a half hour.

Candied Fresh Cranberries
These yummy candied cranberries make a fun but totally optional garnish.

1 cup large fresh cranberries
1 cup simple syrup

Combine cranberries and simple syrup in a sauce pan. Bring to rapid boil and cook over moderate high heat. Cranberries will swell and pop. Continue cooking for 8-10 minutes as syrup thickens. With a spoon, transfer cranberries to wax paper or parchment. Cranberries will now shrivel. Allow to cool and refrigerate. Add 3-4 candied cranberries to cocktail. You can save the syrup and use to make a cranberry “soda” by combining with seltzer or use on top of a little pound cake or other Thanksgiving dessert.

Note: Simple syrup is the combination of equal parts sugar and water, heated until the sugar is fully dissolved. Combine sugar and water in sauce pot over low-moderate heat, stirring until sugar is fully dissolved and liquid clear. If you make only the sweetened cranberry juice combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water to yield 1 1/2 cups simple syrup. If you also do the candied cranberries, combine 1 2/3 cups sugar and 1 2/3 cups water for a total of 2 1/2 cups, divided. Simple syrup has many uses and stores in your refrigerator for weeks.

Coming Attractions
Monday – Using Re-positionable Labels
Wednesday – What Guests Can Do to Help

The Perfect Gift for Your Thanksgiving Host
At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining with At Home Online, the companion website for book owners, is the perfect house gift to bring to your Thanksgiving host. At Home is not available in bookstores, but only from Order today in time for Thanksgiving.

Weekends at Reading Terminal
Look for our At Home table in the Center Court of Reading Terminal Market on weekends between now and the end of December. If you have not been to the Reading Terminal Market recently, you are missing one of the great treasures of Philadelphia. And there is no more exciting time to be there than the holiday season. My sous-chefs will be there all day to sell books and I will be there as much as I can to sign books. All books come with book-owner’s access to At Home Online, our companion website.

Mt. Airy’s Weavers Way on Saturday, December 19th
I will be signing books at Weaver’s Way Co-op in Mt. Airy from 11 AM to 2 PM on the Saturday before Christmas. Weaver’s Way Co-op, a natural foods grocery, is at 559 Carpenter Lane at Green Street.


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2 responses to “New Video: Setting Up for Prep + Thanksgiving House Cocktail

  1. Andy

    Like the video immensely. Have not had time to unpack or read your book, but I rather get my information orally/visually rather than by reading, so it made it even better. Looking forward to more videos. Thanks.

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