My Promise for An Entertaining Year

Toward the end of our Sunday evening gathering with friends, the subject of New Year’s resolutions came up – specifically, the curious lack of anyone actually making resolutions this year.

2009 was a troubling year. At its start, it seemed as though the very economic basis our of our lives was threatened.  We swore in a new president who filled us with hope and it quickly became clear how complex and overwhelming a job he had. Locating America’s place in a changing world, extending health care without bankrupting our nation, expanding foreign wars, climate change, a daunting national debt plus the overall rancor in our national dialogue, all conspire to drive out hope. And Christmas Day brought not just Santa, but a near miss from a terrorist’s underwear bomb. So perhaps just reaching year’s end was enough. Though the sun may not be shining, the sky did not fall.

Resolutions call for a confidence in the future – an “if, then” belief. If I do this, then that will happen. If I work hard and make responsible choices, I’ll be OK. It turns out, not always.

In addition to the beginning of a year, we are at the start of a decade. For baby boomers like myself, in this decade we will pass the torch and with that passing, an inevitable question: What have all these years of resolutions added up to? What is the legacy we pass on to our children?

So here we are. Are there resolutions worth making and fighting for? I don’t know the answers to many of life’s questions. But I do promise you that friends and family are enduring. I promise you that if you entertain more at home, you will have a richer connection to friends and family. I also promise to work, through my blog and At Home and At Home Online, to help you fulfill your resolution for…More Parties. Better. Easier.

Best wishes for many delicious moments this year…At Home.

Thank you for visiting.


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