The Value of the Superbowl

It came down to 4 minutes 45 seconds into sudden-death overtime.*  As little-known and little-used New Orleans field goal kicker Garrett Hartley ‘s forty yard field goal sailed through the uprights, the Saints were on their way to Superbowl XLIV.  And with the Saint’s 31-28 victory over Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings, my At Home dream theme Cajun Superbowl Party was on its way to Superbowl XLIV too.

* For non-football aficionados, overtime is an additional period of play required when the score is tied at the end of regulation time. Sudden death means the first team to score wins. As a result, the winner of the overtime coin toss to determine who gets the ball first is of paramount importance. New Orleans won the coin toss.

The Value of the Superbowl
I recognize many At Home blog readers don’t care a twit who wins or loses the Superbowl – especially if your hometown team is not playing. Frankly, I usually have to stretch to get emotionally involved in pro football when the Philadelphia Eagles are not on the field. (In 2004, my then high school senior son Noah and I attended the Eagles’ Superbowl game in Jacksonville.) But here’s the thing — think of the Superbowl as “the Oscars for Men.” I don’t mean to make this fully gender-based, but vastly more men than women care about the Superbowl. Conversely, more women care about what starlet wears what dress on Oscar’s red carpet. Yet, in today’s niched, fragmented and “cable-ized” TV world, the common element of the Superbowl and Oscars is the rare opportunity for a shared national experience. Yes, most games have been decided long before the final whistle. (The average winning margin in Superbowl games is 14 points.) And yes, our battered economy may produce fewer talk-worthy $3 million-for-30-seconds TV commercials. Winners and losers of sporting events do not matter much against the backdrop of the post-Katrina 9th Ward and the devastation of Haiti or healthcare reform on life-support and escalating war Afghanistan. What matters and is enduring is sharing a good meal at home with friends and family.

Coming tomorrow… At Home’s Superbowl XLIV Menu and Party Planner and You

Spreading the Mission
I am looking for opportunities to spread the At Home Mission of More Parties. Better. Easier. I would like to speak to groups in the Philadelphia area who might share the At Home Mission. If you know of such a group, please contact me at

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  1. live stream be available if anyone wants to watch it

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