Game-Day Advice from Your Home Entertaining Coach

Today is Superbowl Sunday. A coach doesn’t play the game. A coach’s job is to prepare his/her players and once they are on the field, what happens is largely up to them. But in the locker room before the game, it is a coach’s job to remind players of what they have been taught and the game plan.

Home entertaining is a team sport. If you are planning to entertain…or know someone who is, or you will be a guest today, here’s some last minute advice  to make your entertaining a success for the whole team.

For hosts
1. Take time to plan your day. Make sure you plan for one relaxed hour prior to guest arrival.
2. Start with a clean kitchen — counters clear, empty dishwasher, sink and drainboard.
3. Pull platters, bowls, flatware and dishes. (Note: From an environmental perspective, dishes and flatware are far superior than disposables. Yes, it’s easier to throw away a paper plate and plasticware, but dealing with dishes, if well-organized, is no big deal. Just remember to pile dirty dishes next to and not in the sink. That’s because once the sink is full, you’re sunk! Plus real dishes and flatware is so much nicer.)
4. Post your menu in the kitchen along with a list of tasks that need to be completed. Be ready to assign tasks. Ask your guests for help. If re-heating, re-heating works best if the food is not cold. Remove food to be re-heated several hours before re-heating.

For guests
1. Do not arrive early.
2. Help out. Even if your host’s gracious instinct is to say “no thank you.” Be sensitive to your host, taking care to stay out of the kitchen unless helping or invited. Hosts do not need guests in the kitchen to distract them while they are focused on coordinating service.
3. Of course, praise your host for his/her efforts.

Final thought: Remember, you’re a good enough entertainer. It’s wonderful that you are sharing your home with friends and family. Whatever you do is going to be fine. It’s not about winning or losing, rather its about playing the game.

Thank you for visiting.
Your Home Entertaining Coach

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  1. have you seen the advert on tv about a host opens his house to anybody and he has over 80 strangers stopping by for a meal and he makes a so many new friends, I would love to have the courage to do the same, maybe one I will.

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