Be My Valentine…At Home!

We are lucky this year as a series of date-determined “holidays” are falling on Sundays. For home entertainers, that leaves Friday evening, Saturday and into Sunday to spread out your tasks so you get your one relaxed hour prior to guest arrival.

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday evening. For some reason, Valentine’s Day has become associated with restaurant dining. But how much more intimate and romantic is candlelight and music in the comfort of your home? By working together, a loving couple can share the imagining, planning, shopping, cooking and serving one another their Valentine’s dinner into a weekend model for their loving relationship. Plan for an early dinner so dessert comes while the night is still young. (Leave clean-up until Monday evening after work. Just rinse and stack the dirty dishes.)

So, skip the over-priced, over-crowded restaurant Valentine’s scene and plan to entertain yourselves this Valentine’s Day…at home. It will be half the cost and twice the fun!

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Your Home Entertaining Coach

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One response to “Be My Valentine…At Home!

  1. Jan GOren

    I agree. We haven’t gone out on VD for years. It’s crowded, wait staff are stressed, there is often a “special” menu, thus not all choices are available, and the meal is rushed because so many people have reservations.

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