David Brooks, Sandra Bullock and At Home

In Tuesday’s New York Times, editorial writer David Brooks wrote of “The Sandra Bullock Trade.” As the world knows too well, shortly after winning an Academy Award for The Blind Side, Bullock was blinded-sided by her philandering spouse. Brooks pondered the relative value of an award demonstrating the admiration of her peers and what it did for Bullock’s future earning power and the happiness that results from good interpersonal bonds. Brooks went on to cite study after study that showed career and financial success a distant second to the value of good personal relationships. Yet, it is interesting how much time and effort we put into our “work” relative to the time and effort we put into our personal relationships. All that was needed in Brook’s piece was a plug for At Home and the assertion that there is no better way to make human connection than sharing a good meal and the warmth of your home.

For those of you who made this year’s Passover seder or who are planning to serve an Easter meal this Sunday — kudos for jobs well-done. And to good guests, one and all, who do not arrive early, stay out of the kitchen unless helping out and lend a helping hand where they can so their host’s entertaining is a pleasure and not a chore, kudos to you too. Together, hosts and guests alike have enriched one another’s lives.

Matzo Toffee Crunch
Several readers mentioned similar recipes and possible variations to Annette’s that I posted here for Matzo Toffee Crunch. These included an “original” recipe from Marcy Goldman and suggestions for substituting saltines or dark chocolate and almonds or the addition of sea salt. I love getting favorite recipe suggestions for the At Home blog. I wish you all did more of that. Recipes are meant to be handed-down and shared. Over time, we may lose the link to the original. Interestingly, recipes cannot be copyrighted. Whenever I receive a recipe that I would like to share, I will always test it first so, as “gate-keeper,” I am able to endorse and you can depend on the results. While it is always good to know the origin of recipes so credit is appropriately given, my goal is the enrich your cooking repertoire by sharing recipes that work so that, in turn, you can share the results with friends and family.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who extended condolences on the death of my mother.

Thank you for visiting.

Your Home Entertaining Coach


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2 responses to “David Brooks, Sandra Bullock and At Home

  1. Anne

    Let me echo the praise heaped on the Matzoh Toffee Crunch. By far the best Passover dessert ever, and possible just the best dessert I’ve ever had. It is dangerous to know how to make this!

  2. Sharon Greis

    My sympathies on the loss of your mother, a very special and talented woman. Thank you for sharing her story and for the wonderful blog, recipes, and total joy of entertaining At Home.


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