At Home’s Thanksgiving Redux

Last Thanksgiving my At Home blog featured a series of useful posts focused on getting ready for a better and easier Thanksgiving.

Below is a series of links to those posts…every bit as useful at we count down to Thanksgiving 2010. Spend a little time and explore. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I am sure you will find these helpful. And if you know someone who has Thanksgiving responsibilities, please pass this along.

Look for several other Thanksgiving Redux posts between now and Thanksgiving including suggestions for how to organize and maximize guest assistance, “Game Day” — how to approach Thanksgiving Day, and a post about Thanksgiving leftovers.

The Do Ahead Thanksgiving
If you leave everything to the last minute, you’ll only have a minute to do everything!
Stress-free home entertaining is more a matter of aspiration and organization than skill. Professional caterers never leave things to the last minute and neither should you. This post outlines At Home’s Do Ahead perspective.

Setting Up for Prep Video + Thanksgiving House Cocktail
This double-barreled post includes my video that demonstrates how to set-up or your kitchen prep. If you follow this it will make your kitchen efforts easier and more rewarding…forever. The post also includes a recipe for a Cranberry-Champagne cocktail.

Video: How to Chop an Onion
Chopping onions is one of the tasks home cooks do most and enjoy least. My At Home video demonstrates better and easier onion chopping.

At Home’s Football Sunday Do Ahead No Compromise Turkey Gravy
One of the top Thanksgiving “stressers” is preparing the turkey gravy at the last minute. No caterer would do this. We would prepare the gravy well in advance. This video shows you how to do it over the course of a football Sunday.

Thanksgiving Wine
What wine to serve with turkey? Read some simple answers.

Gingered Cranberry Orange Sauce
This is a classic and delicious Thanksgiving turkey condiment.

Noah’s Spicy Roasted Whole Pumpkin Seeds
Originally posted for last Halloween, my son Noah’s Spicy Whole Roasted Pumpkins make for a simple coffee table munchie.

The Perfect Gift
At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining with At Home Online, the companion website for book owners, is the perfect gift for anyone who loves food, cooking and entertaining. Because is generally not available in bookstores but exclusively on my At Home website, you can have some confidence that it’s not a book someone has already. (Note: At Home is available at Coopermarket in Bala Cynwyd and at Joseph Fox Bookshop in Center City Philadelphia and at Franklin Foodworks, our new restaurant at The Franklin Institute.)

To order At Home for yourself or as a gift, visit

Upcoming Events
Reading Terminal Market
I will be back at Reading Terminal Market this season. Check future posts for dates and times.

Thursday, December 2 at The Residences at Two Liberty Place
There are still a few seats available for my Gershwin Y sponsored event at Two Liberty Place. For info. The event begins at 7 PM and will include my perspective on how to make home entertaining better and easier and well as some simple recipes. Refreshments included. If you never have experienced the view from the top of Two Liberty Place, I can promise you that it’s breathtaking.

Still…On the Road

I am still working on a few On the Road posts including the Halifax Farmers’ Market, Blooming Hill Farm and a Best of…. It’s a busy time for me so please be patient.

Thank you for visiting.

Your Home Entertaining Coach

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