Mr. T’s Balls

The following is the side note from At Home’s Matzo Ball Soup recipe:

I grew up with two moderate-sized balls – but was occasionally given three on request. But Mr. T., a long-time friend and supporter, was a vocal advocate of serving a single large ball. Matzo balls, the fluffy soup-dumpling staple of Passover, cook twice: once in water and then again in broth, and they swell each time. Matzo balls freeze well, so if you can, make a double or triple batch and store the leftovers for another day. The frozen balls can go directly into soup for defrosting and their second cooking. Our recipe for matzo ball soup provides for two balls per person, but feel free to go Mr. T’s way and serve one larger ball – just increase the size and lengthen the cooking time. Better yet, go for two large balls!

Note: A little chopped fresh dill sprinkled in each soup bowl makes for a nice garnish and flavor accent.

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